I-Con if We-Con


I really need your help.

For the past five years, since Spirit House came out with “Forever and Ever, Amen” featured, I’ve been part of the I-Con Author’s track. I-Con, for the uninitiated, bills itself as “The Northeast’s Largest Convention of Science Fiction, Fact and Fantasy”. It’s held annually in late March or early April on the Long Island campus of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Whether or not it’s “The Northeast’s Largest,” it is my annual tribal gathering and I was really counting on I-Con’s organizers to invite me to participate in the newly renamed Literature track. I’ve sat on panels next to Catherine Asaro, Liz Williams, Paolo Bacigalupi, John Norman, Patrick Thomas and so many other writers I admire. This also includes crit partners Wendy Delmater Theis, Eric Bresin, Amy Lau, Daniel Braum, Ken Altabef, Kat Hankinson and Ben Parris. I’ve not only participated in such panels, I have on occasion thought up the topics and moderated them. That my publication record to date had been so scanty didn’t seem to matter. I was considered entertaining in a live venue and didn’t detract from the “serious” authors.

But now that I actually have a book coming out …

I haven’t heard from I-Con. I’ve sent email after email, dropped hint after hint, and called in a favor or two.

Nothing. Static.

If you think I-Con should invite me to the Literature track for this year’s convention (the 29th annual, March 26-28), please take a minute to do me a favor.

Respond to this post on the I-Con forum:


Here’s what I say in that post, directed to Literature track leader Carl Fink:


If you’re still looking for authors to work with the Literature track, please consider my candidacy. I’ve been a fixture for the past five years based on my short fiction. This year, I actually have a novel coming out to coincide with I-Con. I’ll be making the rounds the whole season, from Lunacon through Philcon, but I hope I can get some love from my hometown crowd.

I’m waiting on your call. What do you say?

William Freedman

You’ll need to register for the forum, but that just means creating a screen name, selecting a password and giving your email address. If you don’t mind, please just take the three minutes to second my request. Just shout out, “Let Bill read from Land That I Love!” or “Assign Bill to a panel!” or anything else you think of in support.

I hope to see you at I-Con in person. If you’re interested in attending, here’s the main link:


And here’s their Facebook fan page:


Thanks in advance for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “I-Con if We-Con

  1. I’m sorry it took so long to answer. We did receive your mail, but … there are two new people (including me) running the newly-renamed Literature programming this year, and we just got a bit overwhelmed. I’ll reply in more detail in email, and probably this weekend, since among other things I also just started a new (day) job.

  2. Carl, thanks for getting back. I can certainly appreciate your challenges. Looking forward to working with you at I-Con 29!

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