Gaining speed …

I Skyped with Caroline Addenbrooke at Rebel today and she brought me up to date on LTIL’s path to publication. Here’s the story so far:

Rebel has signed with KoboBooks to bring out its ebooks in EPUB format. That means everyone with a Sony Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook will be able to view LTIL on their devices. This includes me who, in a futile bit of silliness, tried to use my Sony to read the Cat Connor books I bought in as Palm and iPhone apps. I’m still new at this. Technophobes, I feel you.

Rebel has also signed an agreement with Lightning Source to produce bound editions via print-on-demand. Caroline and I still have a contract addendum to sign, but it’s fair to say we’ve resolved all the points we’d had under discussion and we’re down to the formality phase on that. It’s my intention to buy a stack of paper versions of LTIL as soon as they’re available and you can get them directly from me anywhere that I’ll be appearing. You’d also be able to order a copy yourself. And I’ll be talking to some bookstore owners about the possibility of stocking LTIL on their shelves.

I’ve added links to both Kobo and Lightning Source to the Where to Buy LTIL page, and I’ll be refining those links once LTIL is officially on the market. I’ve also updated my appearance schedule. So far, I plan to be at LunaCon, I-Con, BaltiCon and ReaderCon.

Thanks for your continued interest. We are really getting close!

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