An open letter to I-Con organizers

I’m writing to express my dismay at not being invited to participate in the Literature track this year.

I have been part of the Author’s track for five years, sitting on panels with Catherine Asaro, Michelle Lang and Paolo Bacigalupi; moderating panels with Liz Williams and John Norman; and demonstrating how to start and run a face-to-face critique group.

Up until now, my publication record had been scant, but nobody seemed to mind because I was considered entertaining in front of an audience. This year, though, I have a book coming out. I scheduled the launch to coincide with I-Con because I figured it was a given that my hometown convention would want to share in my success.

But my name was not submitted in proper fashion by the new Literature track leader, despite my repeated and timely requests. And I was not informed that I would not be considered a program participant until after online membership registration was closed. As much as I enjoy I-Con, I am not going to stand in that two-hour line on Friday night. In fact, I am considering skipping it altogether this year.

I’m not looking to freeload. Yes, It’s nice to have my membership fee waived, but each year I’ve brought family and paid full-freight for them. I’ve also been known to blow a couple hundred bucks a year in the dealer room.

All I can say is that I’m disappointed with this outcome, disappointed for the disorganization and communication breakdown that led to it (assuming the best of motives from everyone), and can’t help but feel slighted on a personal level.

I do hope we can continue in future in our usual collegial manner.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “An open letter to I-Con organizers

  1. I’ve heard from friends who work for icon that its total chaos behind the scenes. The guy in charge kicked out alot of older people who knew what they were doing and replaced them with his guys but nobody knows how to do anything. Some guests aren’t coming back because he treated them like dick. No ones happy there, Maybe you should count your self lucky.

  2. Jessica, thanks for your comment.

    I want to make it clear that I respect anyone who volunteers so much of their time to I-Con or to any labor of love. You and I can complain all we want, if we’re not working on it year-’round to make it better, we have to defer to those who do. Despite my particular issue at the moment, I do wish I-Con the best of success. And I realize that this snafu isn’t one percent of one percent of one percent of their responsibilities right now.

    It’s also not just my hope but also my expectation that we’ll find a way past this dilemma.

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