Looks like May will be the breakout month!

My ego just experienced the biggest orgasm of its life.

Now that LTIL has been available for about a month and a half, it has finally found a reviewer. A favorable reviewer. A raving reviewer! B.D. Whitney from BookWenches gave it an amazing ovation, which pretty much set my head a-spin.

During the whole process of writing this book, I gave chapters to my writers’ circle partners to read and their role, of course, was to tell me what was wrong with it. Then I submitted it to publishers and agents and got nothing but rejection. Years went by. Then Rebel agreed to introduce LTIL to daylight, and that was a great day in my life. But the first step was to get past editor extraordinaire Jayne Southern (some of our correspondence can be found on this page). As much as I enjoyed our collaboration and as much as Jayne truly enjoyed the book and provided encouragement every step of the way, her job was to point out the mistakes and the clunkers. While that was going on, I went trawling for blurbs — people who were willing to read the book and say nice things on the back. Their comments (found here) were a treat to read, but these were fellow writers with whom I’ve had ongoing professional relationships and, as sincere as their statements are and as dearly as I hold their friendships, blurb writing is by its nature a game of goes-around-comes-around, or you-scratch-my-back. (I may have to walk that statement back. How crappy would it be to lose such longstanding mutual support — especially as a result of such a poorly constructed run-on?)

The point is, never before has someone with such a highly considered opinion read my novel, liked it, got the jokes, and went and told the whole web.

Excerpts from the review are here. For the full re-cap, please click over to the BookWenches site.

I hope that Ms. Whitney’s comments drive some sales which, to be honest, have been disappointing over these first two calendar months. But there are other reasons I expect May to be very good for the Land That I Love industrial sector. Foremost is that Joan de la Haye, my publisher at Rebel, informs me that we’re only days away from having both the Kobo edition (which works on the Sony and Nook readers) and the print-on-demand edition available. Yea, Joan! Also, I’ll be making my debut as an invited, book-hawking guest at a sci-fi convention — that’s BaltiCon, over Memorial Day weekend.

So things are starting to shake loose for LTIL. Thanks for being on the bandwagon from the start!

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