Interview at Book Wenches … and correcting an error of omission

The review site Book Wenches, and in particular BD Whitney, has really been a fan of Land That I Love. Over the past week, Bobby (as we close intimates get to call BD) interviewed me via email about the process of writing, the inspiration for the novel and what kind of scotch I like. She also asked me about this blog:

BOOK WENCHES: You keep a blog … that seems to cover everything to politics to Land that I Love. What motivates you to pen an entry?
ME: My publisher told me to. Joan de la Haye is a truly charming and delightful lady and, if I may, an outstanding judge of talent. But she’s also a horror writer. I wouldn’t want to cross her.
BOOK WENCHES: No kidding! Have you seen the cover of her book Shadows? I wouldn’t that dude after me.

 Now, of course I’m joking around. I’m a satirist. I’m not to be taken seriously.

But a colleague at Rebel pointed out to me that, by giving that shout-out to Joan, I may have been slighting her business partner, Caroline Addenbrooke. My initial introduction to Rebel was through Joan, and she continued to be my principal point of contact. But it wasn’t until after the Book Wenches interview appeared that I was informed that Caroline “was the prime mover in taking your book.”

So my most sincere apologies to Caroline, my champion and the talented genre author in her own right of The Gates of Hell.

I hope that you take a moment to read the interview and take the time to thank the people who make your success possible. Even in a lonely pursuit like writing, we apparently owe more to others than we imagined.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Hope to see you at BaltiCon!

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