Wyatt Damon, where are you?!!!

As an aside, let me mention that I’ve been busy with a couple projects. Mighty Mighty will be published as a trilogy of novellas, and I’m currently editing the Age of Certainty anthology. So I’m going to build a new web site to reflect the broader scope of work, and I’ll keep you informed about that. And I will get back into the blogging habit, I promise.

But of more timely importance is the disappearance of one of my fellow Rebel ePublishers authors, Wyatt Damon.

He wrote a YA dark fantasy called “Advent: Angel of the Night”. It’s really good, if this beta reader can say so objectively.

Problem is, he submitted the manuscript, approved some edits, then fell off the face of the earth. His book has just been rolled out so, just when he should be meeting his public, he has gone missing. Right now, all of us in the Rebel stable are concerned. We’d like to at least know that he’s OK.

Wyatt is something of a man of mystery. I never met him in person. Some believe he is from California, some say he is living in New York, some say he is from the Johannesburg, South Africa, area — either Benoni or Benmore. But nobody knows where he’s really from or where he is right now. We believe he is in his late teens because of a) his writing style, b) his subject matter and c) that’s what he told us. All we know is that he wrote one hell of a good book, he’s got a great future as an author, and that there are people eager to hear from him. He has Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even MySpace accounts, but he hasn’t updated any of them in months.

If you know Wyatt Damon — or know somebody who might know somebody who might know him — please give this post a signal boost. Ask him to get in touch with Rebel ePublishers today.

Thanks, Crowd in the Cloud!

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