2013 off to a jackrabbit start

Lots to catch up on …

First, Mighty Mighty is seeing the light of day. The plan is to e-publish it in three parts, they release a bound edition. I want to thank the Rebel team — editorial goddess Jayne Southern and book formatting guru EJ Knapp for their invaluable contributions. Also, my gratitude goes out to the freelancers on the project: cover artist J.A. Fludd and primary editor Ben Parris.

More or less simultaneously, the anthology I’m editing — Age of Certainty: What If God Existed? — will be coming out, also from Rebel. Although I can only promise an e-book edition at this moment, I’m scrambling to ensure that a print edition is also forthcoming. I’ll post soon about the amazing team that brought this together. What I can tell you so far is this: I asked James Morrow for a blurb — and he submitted a story!

You may have noticed that my debut novel, Land That I Love, has been given a makeover. Jayne and I agreed that I’d made some rookie mistakes with regards to the editing so, after a few tweaks, it flows better and doesn’t tip its hand to any surprise revelations. Most notably, though, is the classy new cover by Mandie van der Merwe. Don’t get me wrong: I liked Jacques Stenvert’s work as it originally appeared in 2010. It’s definitely memorable and I know it sold a bunch of copies. And, I must own up, the cheesiness of the pose was at my own direction. But it proved too scandalous for decent society (which, in my mind, equals “mission accomplished”) and the reviewers pressured us into revising the cover in 2012. Meanwhile, Mandie has gone on to design many other books for my Rebel stablemates and has consistently excelled at her craft.

I’ll be on panels at a number of F/SF conventions this year — Lunacon and Balticon for sure, more to be announced soon. Sadly, I-Con, my hometown gathering, is in dry dock this year. I hope they can pull it off again in 2014 and every year going forward.

I received the quite unexpected honor of being named a beta reader for Simon Logan’s sequel to his CZP industrial-fiction work Katja from the Punk Band. I thought it might be something like, Katja Releases a Holiday Album or Katja Plays Vegas or Katja Hosts ‘American Idol. No. Logan’s fertile mind has more adventures in mind for his rough-edged guitar hero, and I’m digging this just as much as I did the first installment.

I’ve updated some of the back pages to this blog, and will try to be more active in managing it. But as you can tell, I’ve been really, really busy.

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