Freedman’s back! Why now? What does he want?

I’m going to be honestly brutal here. I haven’t been blogging because blogging is what you do when you’ve got time on your hands and are otherwise completely unproductive. If you’re a blogger, you probably have some inflated sense of self-importance that deludes you into thinking people really give a rat’s ass what you think about something. If you’re in the ADHD spectrum and blogging, then your delusion compels you into thinking people give that rodent’s posterior what you think about any random thing that misfires in your brain. In short, you have to be some lame, pathetic loser to blather on via the internet about your life’s minutia.

I am blogging today because I have formally joined the ranks of the losers. I’m blogging because I now need the money.

I have never before mentioned my day job on the Web. I tried to be sensitive to those Muggles who paid the mortgage for this crazed, manic scribe of satire and fantasy and science fiction and horror and all those other things that separate me from reality. But they laid me off in July along with 8,000 other poor saps; I helped them sell around $3 million worth of hardware, software and services between February and May, but apparently they didn’t notice. They missed their Wall Street numbers and somebody had to go. They missed the next quarter too, so maybe they’ve figured out by now it wasn’t my fault. I still have enough respect for the company (which did give me a fair severance package) not to mention them by name. Contrary to what people say, I didn’t work for I’ve Been Moved. Or I’m By Myself. Or I’d Buy a Macintosh. Or It’s Better Manually. Or Inexorably Bound to Mephistopheles. But you get the idea. I didn’t talk too much at work about my literary pursuits. That’s because there were only two kinds of people in that company: Those who didn’t appreciate my sense of humor, and those who didn’t get my sense of humor.

So anyway, my corporate career has served its purpose. I live in a house that I can sell any time for more than I paid for it. I have a good chunk of the money I’ll need to retire on. I also have a good chunk of what my kids will need for college. And I have enough to carry me through a few more months of transition.

Transition to what is a question. At first, I figured that I’d get snatched up by some other IT consulting practice. That didn’t happen. I then figured I’d go over to the client side, get a job calling bullshit on the consultants. The fox-guarding-the-henhouse thing came awfully close, but no deal. So that leads me here.

I’ve given up on the whole corporate thing (immediately after the whole corporate thing gave up on me). I’m going to piece together an entrepreneurial, blended career. I will continue to take IT management consulting gigs, but as an independent contractor. I’m also rebuilding my book of business as a financial journalist and, considering my 15 year sidetrack with Azul Grande, I’ll also build clientele as a technology writer. I’ll try to get some adjunct teaching gigs in Business, Information Systems and Creative Writing faculties. Maybe I’ll tend bar.

But I’m also going to start taking my income from fiction writing seriously. It didn’t matter before. I could lose money. I didn’t fucking care. Now I do. If you really like my work, if you really like me, I could really use your help now.

If you haven’t bought my books, please go to either Amazon or Rebel ePublishers and buy them now. If you have, please tell the world how much you loved them by posting reviews in Goodreads and on Amazon.

Thanks for all your support up to this point, and thanks in advance for your continued best wishes.

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