Lunacon Launch Party and other Mighty Mighty News

I wouldn’t be posting twice in 24 hours, but good news is coming in a big, juicy watermelon of Wow and it is incumbent upon me to share it.

Item Number Fuck Yeah is that a formal launch for Mighty Mighty has been announced. It will be at Lunacon at the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook, N.Y., 7 p.m., Saturday, March 15, in the Con Suite. I’ll be sharing space with Dark Quest Books’ launch of Sarah Avery’s Tales From Rugosa Coven.

“Wait? What? Bill, do you mean that M2 hasn’t been launched yet? Isn’t it up on Amazon?”

Well, yes and no.

My friends at Rebel ePublishers and I tried a little experiment with this longish book. We decided to serialize it in three parts via ebook. We release the first two parts then decided, the hell with this. Let’s just go straight to a bound edition, then provide the full book in Kindle format at one-third price for the first week or so of its release to satisfy the people who’d been reading it as a serial and shouldn’t have to pay full price for a book they’ve already read two-thirds of.

The upshot is, Lunacon will be the first opportunity for you to buy and read M2 in bound format and in its entirety. So launch.

What’s especially cool about this arrangement is that I get to share both limelight and expenses with the ever-talented Sarah Avery. There will be food and there will be swag. All credit and praise for organizing this affair goes to Dark Quest’s Danielle Ackley-McPhail, with a hat tip to the Lunarians’ Stacey Helton McConnell and Lynn E. Cohen Koehler for putting us in contact!

Onto other M2 news. It will be on bookstore shelves sometime in April. Advanced reader copies are already in reviewers’ hands, and I’ll link to those write-ups as soon as they’re live. Also, you can expect a schedule of readings, signings, interviews, and guest blogs very soon.

Meantime, I’ve been building up my social media presence over the past week and you can now find me pimping my books on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and even that seedy little troll cave known as Plurk. And, of course, I continue to write this WordPress blog, maintain my Facebook and Goodreads author pages, and my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. And I’ll still blog about cons on my YouTube channel.

Please come visit me at all my online haunts and, if we’ve ever met in real life, please see me in person and drag me away from this MacBook. I’m beginning to think I need an intervention.

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