Mighty Mighty On Sale! Lunacon Schedule!

First, stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, click over to Amazon, and buy Mighty Mighty, which came out in paperback today!

OK, now sit by your mailbox and memorize my Lunacon schedule. Seriously. I intend to be in no condition to keep it straight. As much as I rely on your supportive readership, I rely even more on your enablement and co-dependence.

So if this changes, please let me know:


5 p.m.       Odelle               “Test Panel Ideas Here”                    With Catt Kingsgrave, Lee Gilliand, Paul Calhoun and Sarah Avery

7 p.m.       Con Suite         Mighty Mighty Launch Party         With Sarah Avery, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and  Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers

10 p.m.    Ballroom A2   True Malevolence                                With Ryk Spoor, Catt Kingsgrave, Gary Frank and Terry Karney


12 noon    Ballroom A1    Economics in Fantasy Land             With Kate Paulk and Gregory Feeley

1:30 p.m. Ballroom A3    Geek Job Hunter’s Meet-up            With Lynne E Cohen Koehler, Barbara Krasnoff, Edward X. Young and Laura Soule

Meantime, I hope to get a reading scheduled, and I hope you drop by Dark Quest Books in the dealers’ room to pick up Mighty Mighty (if your Amazon copy hasn’t arrived yet).

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