Greatly expanded Lunacon schedule!

I was happy with my Lunacon workload yesterday, but I am absolutely thrilled today! The Lunarians have found a whole lot more ways to get me (and thus my books) in front of people this weekend.

Specifically, I now have a purpose in showing up Friday night: a panel about rule-breaking. Saturday now starts with a 3 p.m. panel about religion and politics. (Every Thanksgiving dinner, seder, and neighborhood bar happy hour I’ve ever been to has led to this!)

Oh, and this is sweet: A reading. Solo reading. At 4 p.m. on Saturday. Everybody who’s coming to the con has shown up by then, and nobody’s left yet. Everybody’s awake. This is some prime real estate, and I am grateful to Lunacon’s Programming Committee (which, as far as I know, is a one-woman operation named Lynn E. Cohen-Koehler) for it!

I’m debating now whether to even go to sleep Saturday night, because I now have a 10 a.m. panel on Sunday about humor in science fiction. It’s a great panel, and I’m particularly psyched about talking shop with the sharp-witted Alex Shvartsman.

Speaking of people I’m psyched about talking shop with: There’s a new add to the Economics in Fantasy panel at noon on Sunday. As you’re probably aware, there aren’t too many people with a business background in genre fiction circles. We got lots of artsy types and a smattering of engineers and research scientists. We even have an occasional lawyer. But it sometimes gets lonesome being the only MBA in the room. So I’m happy to report that Ian Randal Strock will be bringing his Wall Street bona fides to the discussion. We sat together on a similar panel a couple Lunacons ago, and remember times when we would each nod along with what the other guy was saying, while the rest of the room (including the rest of the panel) looked at us like we were speaking Magyar.

So here’s the updated schedule …


10 p.m.     Odelle              “There Are No Rules!”                       With Michael A. Ventrella, Kate Paulk, Keith De Candido and Michael F. Flynn


3 p.m.       Elijah Budd    “Religion and Politics”                       With Walter Hunt, Jeff Warner, Felix Gilman, Dan Kimmel and Edward McFadden

4 p.m.       Boton                Reading from “Mighty Mighty”     Solo

5 p.m.       Odelle               “Test Panel Ideas Here”                    With Catt Kingsgrave, Lee Gilliand, Paul Calhoun and Sarah Avery

7 p.m.       Con Suite         Mighty Mighty Launch Party         With Sarah Avery, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and  Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers

10 p.m.    Ballroom A2   “True Malevolence ”                            With Ryk Spoor, Catt Kingsgrave, Gary Frank and Terry Karney


10 a.m.      Port Chester   “That’s Really Funny”                       With Carol Pinchefsky, Stephen Sawicki, Alex Shvartsman, and Dan Kimmel

12 noon    Ballroom A1    Economics in Fantasy Land             With Kate Paulk, Gregory Feeley, Todd Dashoff, Ian Randal Strock

1:30 p.m. Ballroom A3    Geek Job Hunter’s Meet-up            With Lynne E Cohen Koehler, Barbara Krasnoff, Edward X. Young and Laura Soule

Again, please drop by Dark Quest Books in the dealers’ room to pick upMighty Mighty.

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