Mighty Mighty party at LI-Con

As you might know, the printer was late getting the first run of Mighty Mighty to Lunacon, but I’m still grateful to the Dark Quest Books gang for all they did to get the word out and give me a chance to read to a packed room!

This time for sure: I have the books in hand and will have a do-over launch party at LI-Con, the do-over convention for the I-Con committee. So be there this Saturday, 7:30-8:30, in Room 469 of the Best Western Mill River in Rockville Centre, N.Y. There will be prizes. There will be food. And of course, there will be individually signed copies for sale. But you don’t have to buy the book to show up for the party. Just drop by … 469.

From there, you can launch into the evening’s entertainment: drinking, dancing, or the snark double-feature of Cards Against LI-Con and the Eye of Argon reading.

I want to thank vice-chair Heather Luttenberger for setting up the launch party. Also, a tip of the hat to chair  Carl Fink and concom member Katrina Lovett for their kind words on the Destinies SF radio show previewing LI-Con.

I’m still negotiating consignment space for Mighty Mighty in the dealer’s room. By the way, if you’re in Suffolk County and can’t make it to LI-Con, you can pick up Mighty Mighty at Escape Pod Comics in Huntington for now, and I expect to list other retailers going forward.

Otherwise, I’ll be pretty sparse around LI-Con. It falls the same weekend as my motorcycle course. Yes. I’m learning to ride a rocket. You can laugh at me or you can be supportive and by “supportive” I mean donate blood. Still, by sundown Sunday, I expect to be a licensed Class M operator in the State of New York. First thing Monday, I’m drawing up a will.


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