Author Possessed! Lugh Speaks! Severin Draws the Badger! Mighty Mighty On Sale Now! (Wanna rep Pitch Ribbons?)

Hey, it’s been a long time since I posted, for which I deeply apologize to everyone who ever reads this blog. Sorry, both of you.

As you probably know, I got a new day job. It’s a responsible one, so I had to give it my full attention for at least a couple months, putting everything else on hold. But I’ve settled in nicely, and can now start thinking about promoting my writing again. Oh, yes, and actually writing again. The good news is that the new gig brings me into the City most days, so I can spend more time at Fantastic Fiction and New York Review of Science Fiction readings, as well as other local events. So I’ll get to see more of a lot of people whom I admire and find fascinating. Yay, Life!

As you also probably know, the local speculative fiction scene lost one of its mainstays overnight, C.J. Henderson. I got to see him one last time at LI-Con, where he signed a couple of his outstanding Kolchak comics for me. Per his Facebook request, I inquired about visiting at his home over the past couple weeks, during the final round in his bout with cancer. I got no reply, and now I know the reason. A writer whose fortune never equaled his fame, and whose fame never equaled his talent, his jovial presence at conventions drew in hundreds if not thousands of new genre fans, and he taught us all how to work the vendors’ room. Like many others today, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to properly say goodbye to C.J., but I can imagine what he might have to say to me if I had:

“Why are you wasting your time talking to me? Go sell some books!”

So, with that imagined and blatantly self-serving advice in mind, I’d like to refer you to a web site that has kindly given Mighty Mighty a platform: fantasy/romance author Angela Korra’ti’s She agreed to let my character the Indomitable Lugh introduce the characters and plot of the superhero spoof he inhabits. Warning: Lugh has absolutely no internal filter, so don’t read this if you’re easily offended.

Thank you, Angela, for kindly sharing your space, and for calling to my attention the out-of-date links on this site, which have now been corrected.

Thanks also to Marvel Bullpen alumna Marie Severin, a longtime friend of my wife’s family, who once drew on the walls of the house I now live in. We (and our kids’ pediatrician, who’s an even bigger comics geek than me) visited Sev in her assisted living home, where she kindly agreed to pencil Lugh’s adversary, the chaotic force of nature known as the Badger. It’s very different from the authorized J.A. Fludd version, but Marie had the distinction of drawing in the presence of my wife Eileen, who inspired the character.

One last thing before signing off: Pitch Ribbons: A Cantata for Four Voices is finished and ready for submission. I always had ChiZine Publications in mind as a market for this work, a true story-inspired horror thriller that’s chalk-and-cheese different from anything else I’ve ever done or am ever likely to do again. But if Sandra and Brett take a pass, I’m open to representation. I know I could get it published through Rebel ePublishers, who have kindly and diligently distributed my prior work. But for this one, I want to see if I can go through an established press. Just to prove a point, I suppose. But still.

Hope you’re all enjoying this Fourth of July weekend, unless you’re English in which case, suck it. (Ditto for the World Cup quarterfinals.)

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