Exposing myself throughout this hot summer

I’d do a striptease but, in my case, that would take too long. Much more efficient to just read my novels.

“Where,” you might ask, “can I hear William Freedman’s words while playing Candy Crush on my phone so I don’t have to look at his grotesque form, for he is quick of wit and sharp of tongue, yet resembles nothing so much as a pallet of white paper towels that just soaked up a hundred gallons of pink lemonade?”

I’m glad you asked. (Smartass.)

You can check the Appearances page for details, but the big picture is that I’ve got two venues where I’ll be appearing this month.

First is the coolest place in West Hempstead (feint praise as that may be), Creative Corner, the storefront gathering place for musicians, painters, writers, and the normal people who tolerate them. I’ll be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to emcee such talents as Michele Lang, Alex Shvartsman and Christopher DeFilippis, each of whom I respect immensely on a professional level and for whom I have an abiding affection on a personal level. We’ll be sharing the podium Wednesday night, July 29. Come along and bring a friend! (By the way, I often read between sets at Creative Corner’s ongoing open mics. If you play an instrument and you’re looking for an informal spot to try out new material — original compositions or spoken-word pieces — drop by any Monday night!)

Second is 9 Pi-Con outside Hartford, Conn., July 31-August 2. My New England-based convention friends have been trying to get me to go there for years, and I finally relented. Glad I did, as it turns out this is going to be the last in the series and I’m thrilled to have the chance to be part of the Pi-Con legacy. Not only do I get to read with my dear friend Justine Graykin, not only to I get to carpool up and back with legendary editor Gordon Linzer, I also get to sit on a panel with Tanya Huff! I expect to have a bunch new fodder for my Distilled Wisdom series.

I’ll be promoting Mighty Mighty, but I expect to read from some works in progress as well.

So if you live in the tri-state area and I don’t run into you that week, it’s not because I’m hiding. It’s because you’re an asshole.

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