Nice things that other writers have to say about Mighty Mighty:

“This wicked satire of a world in which 1% of the population has superpowers holds an irreverent funhouse mirror up to an America in which the rich are getting richer at the expense of the 99%. Freedman mixes Swiftian ironies with an over-the-top storyline worthy of Stan Lee. I loved it!” — Paul Witcover, author of Everland and co-creator of DC ComicsAnima series

“William Freedman’s Mighty Mighty is an immense and magnificent playground and his toys are unlimited. That Freedman can orchestrate a story in this world of everything and anything, and do it deftly, is proof of a fun and prodigious imagination.” — Tony Burgess, author of Pontypool Changes Everything and People Still Live in Cashtown Corners

Mighty Mighty is one of the reasons I love superhero novels. Combining a whimsical look at the mundane reality of a world with real superpowers with a respectful, but tongue-in-cheek love of the behavior of the heroes we cherish and a complex world of real people who just happen to have some extra-special abilities, Mighty Mighty is just great fun. Dealing with ‘mall cops,’ sexual identity issues, and the inexorable pressure off social image, the heroes have much more than an impending apocalypse to struggle with.” — Douglas P. Wojtowicz, pulp fiction author best known for his work on the Mack Bolan series

Nice things that others have to say about Age of Certainty:

“An anthology like no other. The assembled authors write wildly different (and wildly entertaining) stories along one unique and compelling theme. At turns profound and hilarious, the central question provides fodder for some wonderfully creative fare.” —Will McIntosh, author of the upcoming Love Minus Eighty, based on his Hugo Award-winning short story, “Bridesicle

“Age of Certainty intentionally puts God where he belongs: as the speculative element in a fictional universe. Buy it for James Morrow’s story — keep reading for new tales from new voices.” — David Silverman, president, American Atheists

Nice things that other writers have to say about Land That I Love:

“A biting and chewing satire that shreds the eye of the needle. Frighteningly funny, terribly believable, and entirely readable.” — Ben Parris, author of Wade of Aquitaine

“Irreverently over-the-top in places and chillingly right-on-the-mark in others but always funny, Land That I Love will make you laugh and cry from the beginning to the end. Especially the end.” — Leonid Korogodski, author of  Pink Noise

“A hip, clever, and extremely funny SF satire on the entire first decade of the 21st century. With its purgative guffaws, LAND THAT I LOVE serves as a kind of necessary medicine for those of us who are still feeling ill from the outrageous cultural and geopolitical idiocies of the aughts.” — Matt Cardin, author of Dark Awakenings

Land That I Love is a laugh out loud, pee in your pants satirical parody of the political tomfoolery that surely goes on behind the closed doors of power. If WTF pretty much sums up your reaction to the first eight years of the 21st century, you’re gonna love this book.” — EJ Knapp, author of Stealing the Marbles and Meter Maids Eat Their Young

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