What Others Have Said About LTIL

“You’re a terrific writer, there’s no doubt about that. And you’ve got a wicked sense of humor  … Here’s my problem: editors are shying away from broad satire and parody of the war …. They’re praying mightily that this will all be over soon (well, hell, me too). I don’t think I can sell this simply [be]cause of the topic.”

   –FinePrint Literary Management

“From page one, you set up a convincing deep universe planetary setting, and the opening nova explosion precludes the line of large-scale investigation and action that follows. That said, not being a branded SF house, really layered SF is not really possible at Thomas Dunne Books. Meaning, I could perhaps do a William Gibson type book, but certainly not an Ian M. Banks. Thus, though I have to pass on this, don’t take it as a rejection as you’ve done some nice work, and best of luck in your continued efforts with this book.”

Thomas Dunne Books, a Division of St. Martin’s Press

“Though this looks like an exciting project, we regret to say that we will have to pass.”

BenBella Books

“Unfortunately, at this time the agency is not opting to represent your novel. I did enjoy the humor of this satire but it wore a little thin after a while for me.”

The Gislason Agency

I enjoyed reading these pages and many of the scenes in which you satirize our current political situation made me laugh out loud. I think you put an interesting and funny spin on political warfare and the capabilities and intentions of our leaders; however, I found it difficult to engage with many of the characters … Our office would not be able to devote the time that your manuscript deserves.”

Writers House LLC

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